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All your mobile business apps in one place. With Novacura Flow you get one platform that can handle all your needs for mobility. We call it The Enterprise App.

Novacura Flow - Mobility for ERP

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Why use mobility from Novacura?

Mobility is important for optimized processes. A workforce that can be truly mobile has proven to be more efficient, with happier employees that do a better job. To realise this, the mobile workforce needs to be equipped with a tool that supports the mobile process and mobile workers 100%.

Mobility is an integrated and fundamental part of our offering. We know mobility by heart as we have worked with mobile solutions and processes since the start of the company.

With our platform for mobility, you create really smart mobile applications that are directly integrated with your business system. You can take the data you need anywhere, and you can work online or offline. And you have everything in one place – The Enterprise App.

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Asset Management with Novacura Flow

The mobile process

When looking at mobile apps, you should start by looking at the mobile process. What do you want to accomplish with the process? How can you create the best possible tool for the people involved in the process? What data should be managed? How much of the process can be automated?

It is not until you have a clear picture of the mobile process that you can define the mobile app.

With Novacura Flow we support any mobile process. You can either use any of our existing mobile apps or create your own. Do it yourself or get help from our experts. The choice is yours. Some examples of what we can do in the field of mobility:

  • Mobile work order management for field service
  • Reporting of rounds and preventive maintenance
  • Efficient inventory management with barcode scanning and label printing
  • Time reporting and reporting of travel expenses
  • Production reporting
  • Mobile sales order and quotation management for field sales
  • and more…

The mobile platform

We use Novacura Flow as our platform for mobility. With Novacura Flow you create mobile apps that perfectly match your mobile process in just a few steps.

  1. Define how you want to work
  2. Design the step-by-step mobile workflow
  3. Connect it to your back-end systems
  4. Run it!

This BPM platform is so powerful that you can have your first mobile app up and running – and integrated with you back-end business system – in just a few days.
Then it´s a case of adding and improving, step by step, until you have a complete mobile solution, covering all your needs for mobility.

Everything from core operative processes to HR and administrative tasks can be implemented in the same platform. And you can even extend your mobile process to include both suppliers and customers.
We give you the freedom to create whatever mobile business apps you need and easily deploy them to the people who need it.

Time reporting with Novacura Flow

Mobile security

Mobility should not only be easy it should naturally also be secure. With Novacura Flow you get the support to create mobile applications that are as secure as you need them to be.

The platform itself supports secure user management and secure data communication encryption. You can choose whether to use a third party VPN tunnel for communication from the mobile client to the server or a public web service with https communication.

Novacura Flow also supports the use of MDM (mobile device management) software, where security is controlled by the MDM framework. The Flow Client is natively integrated with MobileIron.

With this integration you  can handle security in four different dimensions:

  • Distribution of the Flow Client to mobile devices
  • Secure, and encrypted, communication through an AppTunnel
  • Containerisation of data on the mobile client, for data-at-rest protection.
  • Authentication and configuration of user policies, including single-sign-on from the device.

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